Power & water for communities, back-up for disaster relief, refugee & military camps, clean solutions for heavy industry.

Crossflow Energy – Delivering Integrated Solutions

  • Crossflow Energy turbines are different. High torque and low speed means less noise, lower visual and environmental impacts, and higher safety factors. This turbine is designed to operate in extreme environments. It can handle turbulent and storm wind conditions and is designed for low-cost transportation and erection.

  • We are also developing Integrated Energy Solutions – combining the innovative Crossflow Turbine with solar and storage technologies to provide clean and reliable power for communities, temporary camps and heavy industry.

  • Containerised solutions will provide viable alternatives in remote locations currently depending on expensive diesel.

Power & Water for Communities

1.3bn people in rural areas are without electricity. 663m people are without clean drinking water.

Lack of access to reliable and affordable sources of energy and safe drinking water are both recognised as a significant block on wellbeing, economic growth and poverty reduction for many communities.

Crossflow Energy intends to help drive progress in this area by providing off-grid and mini-grid energy solutions for remote communities. Providing hybrid-energy solutions combining the innovative Crossflow turbine with solar and battery storage in single, easy-to-transport modules will create cost-effective opportunities for local communities to access clean and affordable electricity. The Crossflow Energy turbine can also be used to pump clean, fresh water.

Back-up for disaster relief, refugee & military camps

Securing an affordable, temporary supply of electrical power is vital for disaster relief and refugee camps. Power is needed to provide vital services for communities living in temporary camps. It is needed for communications, refrigeration, for medical services and to power pumps to deliver clean water.

Crossflow Energy is developing containerised hybrid-energy solutions that will offer an affordable, clean source of power needed for communications, refrigeration, medical services and to power pumps to deliver much needed clean water. Many rely on noisy and expensive diesel generators. Designed for easy-transportation, the Crossflow Turbine offers a lower visual and noise profile and lower radar signature. It is also able to operate in extreme conditions and will continue to generate power in even the most turbulent wind conditions, making it ideally placed as part of a hybrid-energy solution for temporary camps.

Military expeditionary base camps also rely on diesel, which increases the camp’s running costs and may also increase the security risks associated with supplying diesel in hostile locations.

Clean solutions for heavy industry

Mining and other heavy industries, such as smelters and steelworks require a reliable source of power – electricity costs can make up a significant proportion of their operating costs. In many countries, industrial growth is constrained by poor quality or unreliable power supplies. There is also pressure on industrial operations to reduce their carbon output. This is particularly challenging in regions where diesel is the only viable alternative. Reliance on diesel brings further uncertainty, exposing operations to fluctuating oil prices.

Across the world, industrial operators are looking for affordable and clean alternatives.

The Crossflow Turbine, in combination with solar and battery storage will offer a source of clean power for generating electricity to power industrial growth. It can also be used mechanically to power pumps.


The Crossflow Energy turbine offers several advantages over three bladed alternatives:

  • Energy capture shield enhances power output.

  • Extended operational lifetime due to lower rotational speeds.

  • Starts to generate at lower wind speeds, enabled by a combination of high torque and low rotational speeds.

  • Greater tolerance of high speed and turbulent wind conditions.

  • Simplified components lead to greater energy production by requiring less downtime; maintenance costs are also lower.

  • Improved blade durability against ice and dirt as a result of operating predominantly in drag mode.

Reduced cost construction and site access requirements

  • Components sized for easy transportation to remote locations.

  • Mass production possible in less developed markets, enabled by simplified components.

  • Installation possible at a wider range of sites due to shorter tower heights.

  • Cost of construction reduced by combination of shorter tower heights and simplified components.

Reduced environmental impacts

  • Significantly less noise than three bladed alternatives, due to significantly lower rotational speeds.

  • Less visual impact and greater opportunity to install at more sensitive sites, provided by shorter tower heights.

  • Significant safety advantages due to a more robust structure and by operating at 10% of the speed of three bladed alternatives.

  • Because the Crossflow Energy turbine operates predominantly in drag mode, the rotator cannot overspeed in high winds, avoiding high-speed rotor run-away faults.


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