Our Integrated Renewable Energy System (IRES) combines the latest in battery storage technology with our unmatched power monitoring, to prioritise renewable energy over grid or generator support. This new system monitors battery levels, ensuring you are always using the most efficient and sustainable method of charging and energy storage.

Due to its flexible and modular design, the IRES can be configured to accept any combination of solar, wind or generator, or all of these combined. This allows for much greater flexibility when considering locations where multiple wind turbines may be required or locations where larger solar arrays are more suitable.

The Eco Tower combines our IRES, Crossflow turbine and telecoms equipment in a single self-powered mast. It means wind power can now be embedded in and make a real contribution to the power supply of telecoms equipment with no interference or impact on network performance. While the immediate application is in rural communities it can also be used on buildings and in urban settings where it can help telcos boost their use of renewables and reduce their dependency on both diesel and the national grid.

Available as Grid-Tied and Battery Charge, SD Wind Turbines are designed for those with a high energy demand, or for applications that require a greater level of power autonomy when used in an off-grid or hybrid system.

The unique over-speed protection system ensures continuous energy generation during extreme winds. This provides excellent value to its users. As wind speeds increase, it will maintain output and performance. When compared to alternative wind turbines, which need to brake themselves in strong wind conditions, the SD solutions are the small wind turbine of choice. Continuous energy output and performance delivered.

It has never been easier for organisations to integrate wind energy into their Net Zero strategy.

How It Works

Helping businesses achieve their net zero ambitions


We are a renewable energy technology specialist, based in South Wales, helping businesses across the world leverage the power of ‘small wind’ to support the roll-out of clean, reliable energy solutions.

Our proven and reliable turbine technologies designed to suit all applications provides a unique way of maximising renewable energy capture, through combined wind and solar generation, to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and help build a sustainable, energised future. We believe that small wind can become as mainstream and commonplace as solar power in the race to Net Zero.

Joining us really is the next step in your journey towards carbon neutrality.

About Us

“Connectivity is vital to everyone, no matter where you live. Crossflow Energy’s turbine has enabled our self-powering mobile phone mast, with on-site battery storage, to help us connect to places that were previously impossible to reach.”

Andrea Dona, Chief Network Officer and Development Director at Vodafone