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Crossflow Wind Turbine

The Evolution of Revolution

Crossflow Energy turbines are different.

Designed for reliability, with simple on-site assembly and minimal operational intervention. High torque and low speed means minimal noise with lower visual and environmental impacts, and higher safety factors (being combined lift and drag in design the turbine is slow running and cannot overspeed in high winds). The unique design of the Crossflow turbine makes it suitable to operate reliably and safely in extreme environments, withstanding turbulent and extreme storm wind conditions.

Crossflow Energy’s latest design offers a new generation of scalable Transverse Axis Wind Turbines, incorporating advanced light weight rotor blade design and improved aerodynamics which reduces drag coefficient and delivers improved wind energy conversion.


Advantages over conventional small wind turbines

  • Energy capture shield enhances efficiency and power output.
  • Low rotational speed reducing fatigue and ensuring extended operational lifetime – this also reduces vibration, noise and makes the Crossflow turbine bird and bat friendly.
  • Specifically designed for remote locations with robust engineering, reliable design and ease of construction and maintenance
  • Self-starting and generates at lower wind speeds, enabled by a combination of high torque and low rotational speeds.
    Ability to ‘spill’ energy ensures tolerance of high speed and turbulent wind conditions.
  • Simplified components ensure greater energy production with reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.
  • Simple robust blade design and combined lift and drag modes ensure durability against extreme operating environments.

Reduced cost construction and site access requirements

  • Designed for low-cost and safe, containerised transportation and erection in remote locations.
  • Simplified component design enables franchised mass production if required in local markets.
  • Tilt up/down for ease and safety of installation and maintenance

Reduced environmental impacts

  • Low noise profile due to significantly lower rotational speeds.
    Reduced visual impact and greater opportunity to install at more sensitive sites, provided by shorter tower heights and Tilt down capability.
  • Significant, noise, visual impact and safety advantages due to rotating at around 10% of the speed of three bladed alternatives.
  • The hybrid lift and drag characteristics of the turbine prevent possibility of damaging high-speed rotor run-away faults.

The Crossflow turbine is designed as a hybrid lift and drag machine. This design philosophy of robustness and safety results in a turbine that rotates slowly whilst still delivering clean power safely and efficiently. Slow rotational speeds also ensure long life and minimise environmental impacts. The fluid flow through the Crossflow turbine is complex but by making use of advanced 3D computational fluid dynamics it has been possible to optimise the aerodynamic shape to give maximum efficiency and minimise component loads.