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Energy Access in Off-Grid Communities

Empowering remote communities with sustainable development for everyone

The Crossflow Energy IES units provide a clean, reliable, affordable energy supply for rural communities in developing countries, driving development and improving living conditions.


Tackling a global power problem

Over 1.1 billion people have no access to electricity, with 3.7 billion lacking internet access. We want this to change. Crossflow Energy’s IES units are designed to play a part in driving this change by helping to accelerate universal access to both clean power and technology.


Empowering communities

Access to electricity can transform whole communities: from meeting basic domestic needs such as lighting heating, water and cooking, irrigation and water pumping; to accessing mobile internet and device charging; and providing micro-grid power access to energy for businesses. Crossflow Energy’s IES units is specifically designed for remote, off-grid locations, capable of deployment, installation and service, without the need for skilled technicians and complex heavy machinery.

UN Sustainable Development

Crossflow Energy is committed to contributing to the UN Sustainability goals by providing resilient clean energy infrastructure and enabling connectivity through telecommunications for remote communities in developing and developed countries