Crossflow Energy, the renewable energy technology specialist based in Port Talbot, has launched its revolutionary Crossflow Wind Turbine.

Thanks to the ground-breaking development, wind power can now be available in everyday situations such as homes, factories, motorway gantries, public buildings, as part of road and rail infrastructure and in challenging environments such as remote, ecologically sensitive locations.

Reliable and easy to install, the unique turbine specifically addresses the issues that have historically inhibited the adoption of small-scale wind.

Martin Barnes, CEO at Crossflow Energy, comments: “Up until now, small wind has not played an integral part in the race to Net Zero. The issues around performance, reliability, and planning concerns associated with noise, vibrations and ecology, have held back the wider adoption of small wind technology. The Crossflow Wind Turbine meets all of these challenges head on, opening up a wealth of applications, with the potential to be as commonplace as solar in increasing renewable penetration in everyday applications.” 

Interest in the new turbine has been immediate, with an early application being on mobile masts for Vodafone. Crossflow Energy is also being approached by companies in the construction sector, by universities and local authorities.

Crossflow Energy is a real Welsh success story. Based at the Baglan Bay Innovation Centre Energy Park, which is home to a number of eco-businesses, the firm has received support from the Welsh Government Digital Infrastructure Team and SMARTCymru programme.

Martin Barnes adds: “A big thank you for this must go to the Welsh Government Digital Infrastructure Team and SMARTCymru programme for believing in our concept and supporting us from business inception through to product commercialisation. It’s obviously a long and uncertain process when you are coming up with a major innovation, so it has been great to have such backing.”

Vaughan Gething, Economy Minister for Wales, comments: “I’m very proud the Welsh Government has been able to support Crossflow and the development and implementation of this innovative and ground breaking project over a number of years. Crossflow has shown incredible vision, tenacity and adaptability and I am pleased that our inward investment support, our innovation funding via our SMART Cymru programme and the support we were able to provide in linking the company with Vodafone have all helped to drive the launch of this impressive product. The project has been

characterised by the right blend of leadership, collaboration, innovation and technology, all of which we know will all be crucial in tackling climate change. 

“We are determined to help foster and create sustainable jobs in the industries of the future and are really excited by the potential of emerging energy system technology to supply low cost, green and accessible energy. This is an really interesting development in terms of digital inclusion as well; lower cost mobile masts which don’t need to be connected to the power grid could lead to further mobile coverage in remote areas, supporting one our key aims of improving access to digital infrastructure.”

Swansea Bay City Deal Programme Director, Jonathan Burnes, also comments: “We are very pleased to see Crossflow Energy bringing innovative technologies to market that align to the South West Wales region priorities of digital technologies, energy and advanced manufacturing. This type of technology can play a significant role in overcoming traditional barriers to mobile connectivity deployment, particularly in rural areas. This will have significant social and economic benefits whilst also helping to achieve the ambitious net zero target. We are fully committed to improving Digital connectivity and embedding new technologies across the Swansea Bay City Region. To have companies like Crossflow based here and delivering this type of innovation is very positive and will have direct benefits and bring with it many other exciting opportunities.”

Crossflow Energy’s small, efficient and reliable turbine incorporates a patented shield designed in collaboration with Swansea University. This increases airflow, delivering optimum lift and drag performance across a wide range of wind speeds. Indeed, its advanced light-weight blade has optimised aerodynamics to harvest maximum wind energy and ensure it’s self-starting at low wind speeds. 

The turbine’s low rotational speed creates minimal noise and ultra-low vibrations. This means the turbine works for longer without the need for maintenance. Furthermore, it makes it bird and bat friendly, addressing planning concerns, even in the most ecologically sensitive sites.

Crossflow Energy’s turbines can be deployed as standalone entities or combined with solar and battery technology to enhance renewable energy generation in either new build or retrofit applications.

Martin Barnes, CEO at Crossflow Energy, concludes: “Given the recent COP 26 summit and all the focus on CO2 reduction, our development couldn’t be more timely. With our turbine it has never been easier for organisations to add wind to their renewable energy mix in their bid to get to Net Zero.