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Other Applications

Clean, reliable energy for everyone

Crossflow Energy’s IES units are ideally suited for off-grid locations wanting access to clean, reliable energy.


Remote Communities

Crossflow Energy’s IES provide remote communities with clean reliable power, with the complementary day/night winter/summer energy generation and a blend of wind and solar further decreasing their reliance on diesel generation.


Healthcare facilities

Power disruptions are one of the challenges faced by operating a health facility in the developing world. If there is no lighting at night patients must wait until the morning to receive care. If the refrigerator is inoperable when medical supplies arrive, vaccines, blood and other medicines may go to waste. Improvements in vaccination programmes and distribution of medical supplies have also introduced new demands for electricity at healthcare facilities in remote sites, with little or no access to reliable electrical power.

Crossflow Energy can provide a reliable on-site hybrid energy solution to meet the specific needs of health facilities, with low operational maintenance and long life.


Island resorts

Small islands have great opportunities to make use of renewable energy sources, offering a unique opportunity to transition from import-dependent systems based on fossil fuels to renewable energy technologies. They have the ability to move to a sustainable energy future that will decrease electricity costs, improve energy access and boost energy security. Incorporating a silent safe wind turbine, Crossflow Energy’s IES units offer a secure affordable renewable energy alternative, without the need for expansive, costly real estate.