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Quality, Safety and Environment



Crossflow Energy’s Quality Management Programme ensures we meet our aim is deliver a consistently high quality service to our customers.

We are committed to the following:

  • Pursue/finalise certification as per ISO 9000 suite as applicable
  • Help customers realise a full set of requirements the IES units will address
  • Design, construct, install and operate IES units to meet these requirements
  • Design measurement techniques to demonstrate compliance to these requirements upon delivery beyond
  • Continually improve our service by learning from any issues that arise


We recognise the benefits of ensuring an injury and accident free workplace and have put measures in place to achieve this. Good safety is just good business.

Our solutions will be deployed across the globe in locations with varying safety legislation. Our own safety management systems will meet the highest of these.

Our product design teams comply with international standards, directly and indirectly resulting in a safer product.

We achieve safety by:

  • Encouraging behavioural safety by the use of observation cards on all sites
  • Analysing employee feedback/suggestions/observations and creating/tracking any related actions to address these
  • Performing investigations on all near misses or incidents, with root cause identification. All root causes are addressed and tracked formally until closure, with a Safety bulletin to the company employees to help prevent re-occurrence
  • Having strong, clear control of work processes that are strictly adhered to
  • Performing risk assessments relating to all work, always, and ensuring all team members comply with all risk assessment requirements


Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Crossflow is committed to leave a carbon negative footprint for all solutions, as our solutions generate energy by renewable resources. We promise to ensure that all our solutions will not harm the environment in any way, and all sites will be returned to its original state after use.