At the core of Crossflow’s MODULAR MICROGENERATION SYTEMS are Crossflow’s SMART Wind Turbines integrated with market leading solar and battery technologies.



PV Array

Flexi or Fixed Solar pV with ground and tower mounting options


Latest rack mounted battery technology providing consistent power supply

Generation or Grid

Other Energy Generation inputs optional 


Crossflow’s advanced software optimises energy mix and power delivery


Housings and enclosure options depending on real estate and security needs


Secure affordable energy supply

Reliable, uninterrupted power

Flexible, Adaptable, Scalable — As Your Power Needs Change

Modular Plug and Play components provide a broad spectrum of multi-energy generation and storage configurations.

Remote monitoring and control

Remote condition monitoring and load surveillance allows for real time response, system optimisation and effective maintenance planning.

Flexibility, Adaptability, Scalability — As Your Power Needs Change

Software delivers autonomous, intelligent, and efficient multi-source energy generation and battery integration, ensuring a reliable output to meet your specific power needs, from temporary power to 24/7 operations. 

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