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Smart Power Management

Crossflow are developing a highly reliable IES Smart Power Management System.

The Smart Power Management System allows autonomous, intelligent, and efficient multi-source energy generation and battery integration, to ensure an optimum combination to supply guaranteed continuous power whilst maximising battery life.

SPMS (Smart Power Management System) - Autonomously, intelligently, and efficiently integrates renewable sources and batteries into an optimum combination to supply guaranteed continuous power whilst maximising battery life.

SPMS (Smart Power Management System)

  • Self-sufficient guaranteed power
  • Primary & secondary outputs with load shedding, ensuring primary outputs are not interrupted by secondary loads
  • Smart management of Solar PV Wind turbine & battery power
  • Efficient and self-learning battery software for long-life
  • Remote monitoring capability to allow operators to oversee the complete system operation & condition
  • Modular & Scalable to allow the addition of adding multiple other alternative power sources and electrical loads
  • Optional diesel generator integration if required
  • Ability to maximize most efficient renewable resource based on site data

Wind Turbine Control System - Interacts with the SPMS & monitors the wind speed and direction to maximise power production (via a super-fast MPPT algorithm) at a controlled RPM.

  • Super-fast MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Power limiting ability by active yaw
  • 117 mph (52.5 m/s) Survival wind speed
  • Input/output redundancy (Instruments & Drives)
  • High cut-out wind speed
  • RAM analysis derived maintenance plan
  • > 98% Availability (Solar PV and Battery to cover more than 2% turbine downtime)
  • Reliable component selection (no gear box)
  • Active cabinet cooling systems
  • Designed to Wind Turbine code IEC 61400-2
  • Remote condition monitoring for proactive maintenance, forecasting and planning
  • Remote alarm and shutdown monitoring for speedy assessment and repairs
  • App based monitoring and control via Mobile Phones
  • Centralized Scada system to retrieve and store all operating data for investigations/analysis

SIS (Safety Instrumented System) – Oversees the turbine control system & SPMS by ensuring they operate within design limits to maintain safety.

SIS (Safety Instrumented System)

  • SIL 2 Rated (PFD < 0.01)
  • Independent of control systems, will ensure other systems stay within safe operating limits
  • HAZOP/LOPA Reliability assessed as per relevant international standards
  • Designed to IEC 61508 and other similar standards

Funded by the ERDF

The Detailed Design of the Pre-production Prototype project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.