Smart Towers

Unique 2-in-1 solution

Crossflow’s patented self-powered Smart Tower integrates Crossflow’s Smart Turbine and co-hosted telecom equipment with conventional solar and battery technologies to create a 24/7, self powered communication mast.

Smart Towers are specifically designed to provide reliable & affordable clean energy to the telecoms sector; facilitating 4G/5G connectivity in off-grid rural ‘not spots’.

Diesel displacement and low maintenance requirements deliver considerable CO2 savings, helping Operators and Tower companies in achieving their carbon reduction targets.


Co-location of telecom technologies on Smart Tower

  • Delivers a step change in site development costs in parallel with high Renewable Energy Contribution
  • Small Foundation Footprint, easily located within small Telecom sites.
  • Can be located in vantage points that optimise network coverage and connectivity.

Patented Rotor Shield with Solar PV mounted direct to rotor shield

  • Maximises renewable energy generation through both wind and solar energy capture
  • Reduces or removes the requirement for ground mounted solar arrays
  • Reduces site footprint and increases security
low vibration

Quiet low vibration turbine

  • Does not affect telecom tower performance or maintenance accessibility
  • Slow rotation and low noise assists in obtaining planning consents in sensitive areas

Patented Vertical Power Control

  • Intelligently raises and lowers the turbine rotor on the mast for safety and maintenance
  • No telecom transmitter downtime when the turbine rotor is lowered for maintenance.

Designed for Low Intervention

  • Low rotational speed, rugged design and simple maintenance at ground level leads to low operating costs through life

Secure Components

  • Industry rated secure enclosures and latest theft prevention hardware for battery storage reduces theft risks.

Ease of transportation

  • Designed to be shipped in standard 20ft shipping containers for ease of transportation to remote locations