Smart Turbines

Crossflow Energy’s SMART turbines offer a new generation of scalable Transverse Axis Wind Turbines.
Designed for reliability, with simple on-site assembly and minimal operational intervention, our turbines are suitable to operate reliably and safely in all locations, making them ideal for localised power generation and remote deployment.

Patented Shield

  • Increases airflow through the turbine
  • Enhances efficiency and power output
  • Ensures reliable operation over a high range of wind speeds
  • Optional Solar PV coating increases renewable energy capture
low vibration

Low Rotational Speed

  • Significant noise and safety advantages
  • Bird and Bat friendly
  • Well balanced with ultra low vibrations
  • Cannot overspeed
  • Extends operational uptime
  • Reduced fatigue ensuring longer lifetime
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Advanced Light Weight Blade Design

  • Optimised aerodynamics to harvest maximum wind energy
  • Self starting at low wind speeds
  • Pultruded for low cost manufacture and spares
  • Tolerant of harsh operating environments
  • No loss of efficiency with debris build-up

SMART Turbine Power Management System

  • Actively yaws turbine to optimise energy capture
  • Modulates rotation of turbine to ensure consistent power output
  • Ensures tolerance of high wind and turbulent wind conditions
  • Ensures operational safety in severe weather


  • Vertical Hoist Rotor on Fixed Tower or Fixed Rotor on Tilt-down Tower options
  • Range of tower heights to suit specific applications
  • Reduced visual impact and greater opportunity to install at more sensitive sites
  • Ultra low vibration elevated platform for mounting equipment including communication transponders, surveillance cameras and lighting


  • Components delivered in standard 20’ft shipping containers for ease of delivery and security
  • Assembly at Ground level
  • No heavy lifting equipment required
  • Easily lowered for simplicity of periodic maintenance and in event of forecasted severe storm weather event
  • Can be sled-mounted for swift temporary deployment/redeployment

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