Transport accounts for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU and is the largest contributor in the UK. Clearly the transport sector has a huge role to play in the climate crisis and is under enormous pressure to find solutions. Our technology represents a simple yet effective way to boost the power hungry sector’s use of renewables and it doesn’t involve a huge rethink of infrastructure, technology or policy.

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Our small wind turbines can be deployed on substantial infrastructure used by the sector including bridges, tunnel approaches, plus gantries, on major road and rail routes. They can provide an additional source of renewable power to ports, airports, train and bus stations – and a crucial solution to off-grid rail stations. Indeed, our solution can provide power for any station upgrades and can be incorporated into new road construction schemes.

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Offering unique small-scale wind turbine technology and the expertise to combine it with all market leading solar and battery technologies, we can create unique, stand-alone products for the transport sector – as we have done for the telecoms industry.  Or we can work with what you already have in place, integrating valuable wind generation into your existing set up.


Whatever the solution we can enable the industry to make use of embedded generation in a way that achieves important, incremental gains in the race to Net Zero.

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