Our unique turbine technology means small-scale wind power is now a viable option for embedded renewable generation, and can at last contribute to your net zero drive. But it’s our technical ability to seamlessly integrate the transient output of wind with market leading solar and battery technologies – to supply either a unique stand-alone solution or integrate wind generation into an existing set up – that makes it such a powerful development.

The complementary generation of solar and wind maximises the renewable energy generation, ensuring more consistent energy generation and less dependency on diesel and other fuel dependent generators. It also opens up a host of new decentralised power solutions for the telecoms, built environment, transport and infrastructure sectors.

The Turbine

At the heart of our solutions sits our unique scalable transverse axis wind turbine. Easy to install on-site, it is efficient and reliable.

The Crossflow turbine addresses the design and operational challenges associated with conventional HAWTs and VAWTs through the creation of  a hybrid lift and drag turbine.

The rotor is a Crossflow device, meaning the wind creates high lift as the blade emerges from behind the shield and continues to create rotational torque as the blade moves up and over the top of its travel. As the blades rotate into the ‘upwind’ portion of its travel they are shielded from the drag force of the wind. Our patented S-shaped shield design creates a low-pressure area behind and below the rotor that encourages the wind to travel though the turbine rather than around it.

Advanced lightweight blades and optimised aerodynamics harvest maximum wind energy and ensure the turbine is self-starting even at low wind speeds.

This means the Crossflow turbine is significantly more efficient that other slow rotating Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, with multiple turbine operations having validated the Power Curve of the turbine predicted by extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. The energy output is comparable to high-speed Vertical and Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines but with greater consistency of output across a wider operating range of wind speeds and little sensitivity to turbulence and wind shear.

Designed to IEC 61400-2, the Crossflow turbine also addresses many of the issues inhibiting wind power in the past – vibration, noise and danger to birds and bats. This means it can be deployed in both urban and rural, ecologically-sensitive sites.

Crossflow Power Curve (2)

Patented Shield

  • Increases airflow through the turbine
  • Enhances efficiency and power output (link to downloadable data sheet)
  • Ensures reliable operation over a high range of wind speed

Low Rotational Speed

  • Extremely quiet operations
  • Safety advantages
  • Bird and Bat friendly
  • Well balanced with ultra-low vibrations
  • Cannot overspeed
  • Extended operational uptime
  • Reduced fatigue thus reduced maintenance intervals

Advanced Light-weight Blade Design

  • Optimised aerodynamics to harvest maximum wind energy
  • Self-starting at low wind speeds
  • Pultruded for low cost manufacture and spares
  • Tolerant of harsh operating environments
  • No loss of efficiency with debris build-up

Deployment Options

  • Co-hosted self-powering telecom tower (Eco-Tower)
  • Dedicated Turbine Tower; either Fixed Head Turbine, or Vertical Hoist Turbine
  • Range of tower heights to suit specific applications or accommodate multiple tenants
  • Roof Mounted Turbine (RMT) in multiple configurations
  • Reduced visual impact enhancing opportunity to install at more ecologically sensitive sites
  • Provides an ultra-low vibration elevated platform for mounting equipment including communication transponders, surveillance cameras and lighting
Turbine Data Sheet

Hybrid Solutions

Our unique wind turbine can be deployed as a standalone entity or combined with complimentary solar generation and battery storage. This offers an array of multi-energy generation and battery storage configurations.

The transient wind turbine generation has been successfully integrated into a Hybrid Energy System where seamless energy sequencing between generation sources is delivered by the system controller.  This is a significant achievement given the failings of similar small wind and solar systems, ensuring optimised renewable energy production at all times.

We can combine our wind turbine with:

  • Flexi or Fixed Solar pV with ground and tower mounting options
  • Latest rack mounted battery technology providing consistent power supply
  • Other energy generation inputs, including micro turbines, fuel cells of conventional engine solutions.
  • Housings and enclosure options tailored to real estate and security needs

A comprehensive Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) intelligently assesses and manages an array of parameters and associated fail safe systems, to ensure reliability of supply. It plans in time for optimal maintenance and ensures a reliable output to meet your specific power needs, from temporary power to 24/7 operations.

The RMU also provides clients with full access to online performance, alarms and diagnostics.

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