The man behind Crossflow’s newest product, the Eco Tower

February 22, 2021

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Meet Nicholas Long, his passion for engineering ignited when he was young, at the age of sixteen his GCSE CDT Technology project was entered into The Young Engineer for Britain Competition, where it reached the final. Interestingly, this project was a wind turbine!

After graduating from the University of Glamorgan with a degree in Civil Engineering, Nick acquired over eighteen years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, and over ten years in deep water Oil & Gas production systems. Across this period, he  gained vast international experience, and worked with some of the world’s largest oil companies, SSIV & EPC companies, and petrochemical companies all over the world. As something of a serial inventor, Nick has collected over eighteen granted patents across his career. He is also an active cyclist, and owns an eighteen-acre smallholding with horses, goats, a pet pig, and some chickens!

Nick joined the Crossflow team in 2018.  He oversees the mechanical and structural design of Crossflow’s wind turbines and towers, and has applied his expertise in the designs of the rotor, shield, and blade configurations of Crossflow turbines. More recently, Nick has invented the turbine arrangement and operational philosophy of our SMART Tower: the Eco Mast. This contribution allows the turbine to operate for a higher wind range, – thus increasing the power production. This invention not only simplifies the turbine and control system, it dramatically reduces the load applied to the foundation and reduces its cost.

The invention of our Eco Mast itself makes great strides at producing a clean, sustainable future, and we are proud of our employees who have contributed to it.

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