Identifying the issues that have historically inhibited the adoption of small-scale wind, the Crossflow turbine offers a reliable and easy-to-install solution in both rural and urban environments. Featuring lightweight blades with enhanced aerodynamics, our turbine is capable of harvesting maximum wind energy, from low to very high wind speeds

The Crossflow turbine is a very effective means of capturing wind energy utilising both drag and lift in a subtle complex mix to capture the fluid energy in the most efficient manner at low rotational speed, removing the large stresses and shear forces on all components associated with high-speed wind turbines. The patented asymmetrical S-Shaped Shield creates a pressure gradient with a high-pressure zone at ingress and a low-pressure zone at the egress, drawing wind through the turbine’s core rather than mechanical induction of the wind.

The wind turbine has been successfully integrated into a Hybrid Energy System combining wind, solar and battery technologies, where seamless sequencing between complementary energy generation sources is delivered by the system controller. This ensures maximum renewable energy harvesting, whilst delivering reliable, secure power production on site at all times.

It has never been easier for organisations to integrate wind energy into their net zero strategy.

Our Technology

Helping businesses achieve their net zero ambitions


We are a renewable energy technology specialist, based in Port Talbot, helping businesses across the world leverage the power of ‘small wind’ to support the roll-out of clean, reliable energy solutions.

Our technology provides a unique way of maximising renewable energy capture to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and help build a sustainable, energised future. We believe that small wind can become as mainstream and commonplace as solar power in the race to net zero.

It really is the next step in the journey towards carbon neutrality.

About Us

“Connectivity is vital to everyone, no matter where you live. Crossflow Energy’s turbine has enabled our self-powering mobile phone mast, with on-site battery storage, to help us connect to places that were previously impossible to reach.”

Andrea Dona, Chief Network Officer and Development Director at Vodafone