Clean Energy
Smart Towers
Connectivity without limits


Maximum clean energy supply by integrating next generation wind, solar and battery technologies.

Remote Power

24/7 Reliable Power at any location

Telecoms Solutions

Smart, sustainable communication masts and tower power solutions.

Crossflow Energy
Meeting your power needs in a responsible way


Crossflow harvest clean energy by integrating next generation wind with the latest in solar and battery storage systems. Our Smart Energy Management software maximises clean energy capture and provides firm reliable power 24/7.

Remote Power

Crossflow deliver affordable, low maintenance, clean energy solutions for permanent and temporary power demands without the need for grid infrastructure. We can deliver modular microgeneration systems to meet your needs.

Telecom Solutions

Crossflow Energy Smart Hybrid systems and Smart Towers bring the benefits of reliable clean power to meet global Telecom demands for carbon neutrality and digital connectivity in off-grid environments, removing the need for expensive or absent grid connections.

Our Sustainability Promise

Clean Energy - it doesn't cost the Earth
Crossflow is not ‘just another’ technology company, we want to change things. Our aim is to break down barriers and enable the roll-out of renewable energy by making it affordable all over the world. Simplicity of design and minimal maintenance requirements are key to delivering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings of 50% vs Diesel generation.
Maximum Power, Minimum Footprint
Advances in solar battery storage systems and worldwide adoption has changed the way green energy is created and perceived on a macro level. Alone, solar cannot provide the complete solution. Limitations of real estate for large solar arrays and available daylight creates a defined ceiling for solar generation. Crossflow Energy Solutions are designed to maximise renewable energy capture and commercial utility by combining power generation from the wind and sun in the most efficient and compact way – all from a very small footprint.
Smart Power Management
Our power management software ensures reliable output to meet your specific power needs, from temporary power to 24/7 operations. The sometimes intermittent nature of wind and solar generation is taken care of, while battery life is carefully managed and monitored in real time, giving you the power you need, when you need it.
No Constraints - Bringing Power to You
Crossflow can bring custom clean power wherever it is needed without having to rely on grid connection or fossil fuels. Designed for fast efficient delivery in 20ft containers, Crossflow Energy Solutions arrive pre-configured for a quick set up on site with minimal maintenance requirements.
Creating a new Tomorrow without leaving a Footprint today
Unlike many wind turbines, Crossflow’s unique turbine is made from 98% recyclable materials, and is virtually silent. Its slow rotation and shielded blades present a ‘solid’ shape, creating a bird & bat ‘friendly’ tower for clean energy generation and more.

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