At Crossflow we understand the importance of proof of concept and of course the role data has to play in any decision making.

To help clients understand what numbers they can expect to see on a typical project before any final purchasing decision is made, we have established a unique ‘test site’ showcasing our multiple DES solutions. Interested parties can join our Multi-Client Demonstrator programme, giving them unrivalled access to information about our technologies.


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This select group of companies can access all operational data in real-time, validating the technology’s performance, showcasing the energy and carbon savings, and demonstrating the operational reliability of the IRES system, as well as the turbines and wider solar, battery, energy system.

These businesses get this all this without the time and financial investment required to identify and develop their own POC sites.

To date, we have Deutsche Telekom, Intel, Telefonica, Ericsson, EDP, Paradigm Infrastructure, National Air Traffic Service (NATS) and Komatsu enrolled in the programme, with other big-name brands joining all the time.

If you would like to know more about how our Multi-Client Demonstrator works and talk about your journey towards Net Zero with us, do get in touch.