As part of the global energy transition, there is an increasing demand for Distributed Energy Systems (DES) combining a diverse array of energy generation, storage, monitoring, and control solutions.  Aimed at servicing local power demands, these solutions offer reduced energy costs and price volatility, increased energy resilience and active strategies to deliver Net Zero commitments.

So, whatever market you are in or challenge you face, let us help you in your drive to Net Zero.

We’ve developed a market-leading Integrated Renewable Energy System (IRES) that manages the output of multiple small energy generation sources, whether it is a wind turbine, fuel cell, biofuel generator, solar PV array or the electric grid. The system is sector agnostic, and ensures the most renewable energy is captured to power any site in any situation.

The IRES complements our other offerings –  the integrated Eco Tower and the SD wind turbines – creating highly effective, small-scale Distributed Energy Systems, combining small wind with market leading solar and battery technologies.

This means we can develop solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of any company or market.

We can create unique, stand-alone products – as we have done for the telecoms and construction industries – or we can work with what you already have in place, integrating valuable energy generation into your existing renewable solution.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities for your company, get in touch.