Our Integrated Renewable Energy System (IRES) is a market-leading modular energy management system, that combines and manages the output from any small energy generation source.

Whether it is a wind turbine, fuel cell, biofuel generator, solar PV array or the electric grid, the IRES offers 100% effective energy sequencing. Using innovative multi-generation sourcing to expertly capture any renewable energy on site, it can supply power 24/7 to rural or urban locations, on or off-grid.

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It is flexible, modular and scalable (12-50kW) by design, offering multiple turbines, PV arrays, battery banks and other energy generation and storage technologies, all combining to increase any system’s energy capacity.

We designed the IRES to help our customers displace their fossil fuel consumption, reduce CO₂ emissions, meet corporate Net Zero commitments, and ultimately deliver a lower levelised cost of electricity (£/kW). Suitable for both on and off-grid sites, the IRES is already proven to be a highly renewable, reliable, and competitive off-grid energy solution, leading the market for design, quality, and longevity.


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Its ability to optimise the complementary nature of wind and solar renewable energy, and operate effectively on sites with higher loads or when retrofitting existing sites, the IRES has revolutionised the market. Sector agnostic by design, the applications and markets for the IRES are endless.

State-of-the-art online data monitoring and diagnostics provide clients with accurate and real-time reporting of energy supply and demand patterns, as well as comprehensive data to ensure reliable operations and minimal interventions in both off-grid and on-grid environments.

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