SD turbines are synonymous with quality design, unrivalled reliability, and a first-class performance in even the harshest environments.

It integrates faultlessly with IRES, our market-leading modular energy management system and is the perfect solution for any site that has high energy demand. It’s also ideal for applications that require a greater level of power autonomy when used in an off-grid or hybrid setup.

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The MCS certified rated small wind turbines, feature a unique downwind design and an over-speed protection system. This ensures continuous energy generation during extreme winds. Even as wind speeds increase, the SD turbine will maintain its output and gold-standard of performance at a time when others need to brake themselves. This makes it an effective small-scale DES for industrial and commercial applications.

Adopting small wind reduces energy costs and shield users from price volatility by providing a stable, renewable energy source. Independence from grid electricity and diesel are delivered, and after installation it is low cost to operate. Despite any initial investments, the SD turbine has a low CAPEX, and initial costs are quickly offset by long-term savings and reduced exposure to fossil fuel price fluctuations.

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The highly sought-after SD turbines are manufactured by leading small wind turbine manufacturer SD-Wind, which has the highest industry reputation for developing strong products with simple design and reliable operations.

By integrating the SD turbines and our IRES technology, we have been able to add to our existing Crossflow turbine and the Eco Tower, creating one of the best renewable offerings in the world.

See how the SD turbines work in more detail.

023 Crossflow Feb 24