Crossflow Energy has relocated to one of the few net-positive business premises in Wales, Bay Technology Centre.

Closely aligning with Crossflow’s renewable ambitions, the move to the Bay Technology Centre reflects the wind turbine company’s rapid growth over the past 18 months. After launching its new self-powering mast in collaboration with Vodafone and Cornerstone last year, the business has gone from strength to strength. The need for more space, to accommodate a bigger workforce and additional storage facilities, prompted the search for a new location.

The energy-positive premises boasts market-leading energy efficiency through its innovative design and its unique use of renewable materials and technologies. The premises will achieve an energy performance ratio of 0.998, which is a 281% improvement over building regulations. All of this makes it an ideal space for a business dedicated to reducing the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and helping businesses build a sustainable, energised future.

Martin Barnes, CEO at Crossflow Energy, comments: “Our objective is to help businesses across the world leverage the power of ‘small wind’ to support them in the roll-out of clean, reliable energy solutions. Now we have a property that allows us to practice what we preach.

“Our new location offers an array of renewable technologies, and carbon offsetting facilities. It is the first commercial facility in Wales to be energy positive in operation, with specialist photovoltaic (PV) panel cladding and forensic modelling of energy use, in addition to exposed precast floor slabs to store and transfer heat from the building providing a cost-effective heating solution. The excess energy generated by the building will be used to fuel hydrogen-powered vehicles across South Wales.”

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