Crossflow Energy has officially launched it’s brand-new wind turbine, designed to address historic issues that have hampered the adoption of small wind.

The development of the Crossflow turbine not only means wind power is now a viable option for embedded renewable generation, but it can also be available in everyday situations such as factories, motorway gantries, public buildings, road and rail infrastructure and in difficult environments such as remote and ecologically sensitive locations.

Martin Barnes, CEO at Crossflow Energy, said: “Up until now, small wind has not played an integral part in the race to net zero. The issues around performance, reliability, and planning concerns associated with noise, vibrations and ecology, have held back the wider adoption of small wind technology. This turbine addresses all of these challenges head-on, opening up a wealth of applications with the potential to be as commonplace as solar in increasing renewable penetration in everyday applications.”

The small, efficient, and reliable turbine incorporates a patented shield designed in collaboration with Swansea University through extensive computational fluid dynamics simulations. This increases airflow, delivering optimum lift and drag performance across a wide range of wind speeds.

In addition, its advanced light-weight blade has optimised aerodynamics to harvest maximum wind energy and ensure its self-starting at low wind speeds. Crossflow’s turbine’s low rotational speed, creates minimal noise and ultra-low vibrations, extending its operational uptime and minimum maintenance. The turbine design is bird and bat-friendly, addressing planning concerns, even in the most ecologically sensitive sites.

The turbines can be deployed as standalone entities or combined with solar and battery technology to enhance renewable energy generation in either new build or retrofit applications.